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January 10th, 2012

Thanks for visiting my website. If you scroll down, you’ll see all my releases to date, grouped by general category. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Menu bar above to go to whichever book interests you. Happy browsing!

Space opera

Forget drama in the living room, here’s drama across entire galaxies! Spaceships, shields, tractor beams, and let’s not forget the personal dynamics. Is there some romance here? Sure, but a happy ending is not guaranteed.

Quinten's Choice Assassin's Way Quinten's Revenge Balance of Terror Quinten's Story War Games


In this category, we have a modern vampire story and an epic urban fantasy set in south-east Asia that spans a quarter of a million words!

The Complete Check Your Luck Agency Tainted Love The Check Your Luck Agency

SF romance

This is the category where it all began, a mix of space opera and erotic romance. If you’re a scientist, try IN ENEMY HANDS. If you like first-person with your SF, COMBAT! might be more for you.

Republic Tales Prime Suspect On Bliss  Collateral Damage Balance of Terror Seeing Stars Europa Europa In Enemy Hands The Commander's Slave


A few contemporary tales for you; one is set in Australia, the other three in south-east Asia.

Guarding His Body Singapore Sizzle Yellow Fever


I spent three weeks in southern Poland back in September 2011. Here’s what I found….