Young #blood, #GermanShepherds and a quick review of #JihadisNextDoor

In my previous post, I made the comment that Zbigniew Bzrzenski probably died because he got cut off from the supply of young people’s blood that feeds the world’s supervillains. You may have thought that I was making a joke but science is with me on this one. In fact, science is so with me on this one that there’s even a startup, Ambrosia, built on this very model. The founder, a doctor trained at Stanford by the name of Jesse Karmazin, charges around US$8K for a blood transfusion from people under 25. Here’s the link to the article at Vanity Fair.

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You can’t have #democracy without work #Brexit

So I was at a restaurant recently with a group of friends. There were twenty of us, including some children. And we had to decide on which main meal to eat. Three voted for steak and two voted for salmon. The rest were updating Facebook on their smartphones. When the steak choice won, the salmon people started throwing food around, saying that three people didn’t adequately represent twenty and, besides, those three were all senile and selfish people who didn’t deserve to live.

Of course I’m drawing a parallel to Brexit. Current logic is that the 52% “Leave” vote only represented a quarter of the entire UK population so, therefore, the “Remain” crowd should hold sway.

I’m not sure where such logic comes from. Could it be from the educational dumbing down we and our children have all been subject to over recent decades? In any case, I began a bit of light digging. In examining recent UK general elections I found that the turnout roughly hovers around the 70% mark. The Brexit referendum had a comparable turnout of 72%, something even Wikipedia admits was:

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I want to respect #Russia but it’s difficult #Tupolev

While it’s true that I have a Master’s in International Politics, it’s not worth a helluva lot in this world because of all I wasn’t taught.

I wasn’t taught that the United States and the United Kingdom (together with their fellow Anglo wannabe dictator nations that make up the “Five Eyes”) use their influence to coerce other nations into actions counter to those nations’ interests. (There’s a reason why Australia has such a bad reputation among the Pacific Island nations.)

I wasn’t taught that the Mossad is essentially an anti-democratic death squad masquerading as a nation-state’s intelligence apparatus. I wasn’t taught that failed states can be propped up indefinitely through the use of military aid.

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