Young #blood, #GermanShepherds and a quick review of #JihadisNextDoor

In my previous post, I made the comment that Zbigniew Bzrzenski probably died because he got cut off from the supply of young people’s blood that feeds the world’s supervillains. You may have thought that I was making a joke but science is with me on this one. In fact, science is so with me on this one that there’s even a startup, Ambrosia, built on this very model. The founder, a doctor trained at Stanford by the name of Jesse Karmazin, charges around US$8K for a blood transfusion from people under 25. Here’s the link to the article at Vanity Fair.

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#Review: What The Dog Knows (Cat Warren) #dogs

I love dogs. And I love reading about dogs. So when What the Dog Knows caught my eyes, I knew I had to buy it. A book about cadaver dogs? Colour me intrigued. And the first four plus pages of fulsome praise didn’t hurt:

  • “A beautifully written, fascinating, heartwarming, and oft-hilarious homage to working dogs”
  • “Warren writes with verve…”
  • “Fantastic…”
  • “A meaty fascinating tour…”

How could I resist? I bought the Touchstone trade paperback edition (2015).

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