Children being led into #gambling on #YouTube #NotSurprised #Parents

Most of the time, I’m lag behind the current landscape of memes and internet-associated scandals, watching the juggernauts whiz past with blinking, bewildered eyes. How nice, then, to find that I’m not as out-of-touch with modern happenings as I usually am. To whit, unboxing websites, children, gambling and YouTube stars.

In a nutshell, YouTube “stars”—that is, those with tens/hundreds of thousands of subscribers (even millions)—are being paid “six-figure sums” to promote gambling. The “gambling” takes the form of virtual boxes that you can virtually open with a virtual box-cutter for a chance to win brand-name shoes, electronics, games or even full-sized automobiles. Depending on which unboxing site you visit, a successful bid to slice open a box can range anywhere from a couple of YankeeBucks to thousands.

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