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As the United States heads into the midterm elections, the rest of the world is grabbing popcorn and settling in for the drama. The Democrats only need to win an additional 24 seats in the House and a measly two seats in the Senate to turn a slim Republican majority into a red bloodbath. But what will happen if they succeed?

Let’s talk Russiagate first. This is my personal speculation, mind, so take what I’m writing with a grain of salt, but I have two words for you: Uranium One. Rosatom is a Russian company and currently one of the largest uranium producers in the world. It got this honour in no small part thanks to a certain Mr and Mrs. William and Hillary Clinton.

You see, back in the dark days of 2009, Rosatom was gearing to be a major uranium player and, with the lucrative Kazakhstan mines under its belt, it began eyeing similar properties in the United States, owned by a Canadian company called Uranium One. The problem was that uranium can be used for all kinds of nefarious purposes and so is designated a strategic asset. What this means is that any old President can’t just give the go-ahead to a company (and a foreign one at that) to buy up all the uranium mines in the USA. No no, the decision has to be passed by a committee of select government agencies. What was Rosatom to do? Why, splash the money around, of course. Over the course of almost five years, Rosatom slowly took ownership bites out of Uranium One while, at the same time, funnelling US$2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation has more than US$250 million in its coffers but still, a million here, a million there and soon it adds up to real pocket change, as I’m sure you’ll agree. (This is all written up in much more detail at The New York Times, so go and read it there if you don’t believe me.)

So the time came that Rosatom wanted to own Uranium One, but there was that pesky “strategic asset” “we’re going to committee” thing standing in its way. Rosatom began getting around this by paying William Clinton a respectable speaker’s fee of US$500,000 for one speech he made in Moscow. Okay, it may not seem like much next to US$250million, but every little bit counts. And one of the committee members scrutinising the sale was the State Department, of which the head was…Hillary Clinton. Oh dear. You’re probably thinking that the right thing to do would be to declare the donations and links to Rosatom and recuse herself from the deliberations, right? Silly you. The deal passed and Rosatom gained twenty per cent of the USA’s uranium industry.

Why I mention this ancient history of Rosatom is that, by the time Mrs. Clinton began her run for the presidency, I’m sure she and her husband were very comfortable dealing with the Russians, as I’m sure the Russians were very comfortable dealing with her. A bird in the hand and all that, if you’ll excuse the pun. And I’m wondering if she expected some kind of, you know, moral support from her Slavic friends. And by “moral support”, I mean tangible support that can sway elections and help get her elected President. It didn’t happen. The Russians remained silent and maybe, just maybe, a furious Hillary Clinton decided to make them pay by accusing them of helping her opponent. It’s always interesting to note where someone’s first accusations are hurled. Child molesters often wail “what about the children?’ and are embedded in child welfare organisations, adulterers often scream about “family values” while preaching from the Bible, and I’ve known a couple of closet gays who were public homophobes, so I hope you can see where I’m going with this. Anyway, that’s just speculation on my part, as entertaining as the thought may be. I just want to show that, had the Russians interfered with the presidential election at all, they probably would have swung it towards Hillary Clinton as they already had her card of rates in their possession and a history of reliable previous employment.

For the past two years then, as Caitlyn Johnstone so eloquently put it, the Democrats have been beating the dead horse called Russiagate and allying themselves with a whole pot full of crazy, eagerly abetted by that unabashed Nazi collaborator, George Soros. I’m not within the USA, so I’ll admit an imperfect view, but the amount of political correctness that currently seems to run rampant through the country is truly amazing. Even more so when you consider that neither party, Democrats or Republicans, are playing with full decks here. If you like the radical fascists, you vote Democrat; if you like traditional fascists, you vote Republican. And by fascism, I mean “a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy” [Wikipedia]. The “authoritarian ultranationalism” in both cases are flip sides of “Manifest Destiny”: the Republicans think that means they can crush any and all opponents and the Democrats think that means they can absorb as many people into the Greatest Country on Earth without reference to due process. I think we can see the “dictatorial power” and “suppression of opposition” for ourselves. Interestingly, I’m seeing more of the “strong regimentation of society” from the Democrats rather than the Republicans (thanks George), and maybe my interpretation is a tad off because both parties seem to have thrown out any consideration of the economy at all.

Except for Donald Trump.

The guy may not have the supercilious smirks and “aw shucks” villainy of his predecessor (“we tortured some folks”), but he’s not entirely rational either. Despite this, I think I can see what he’s doing. He’s seen how the sanctions against Russia have backfired and he wants some of that action. (As you know, Virginia, supposedly crippling sanctions were levied against Russia for violating conditions of an Agreement (the Minsk Agreement) of which Russia had no part, never signed and were never mentioned in. It makes sense if you’re a politician.) Rather than collapse in a state of weepy despair, however, the Russians decided to man up. Sure, it was hard, but Russia has managed to build up competence in a number of areas (they are above quota in self-sufficiency in several key agricultural areas, including grain, sugar and meat, for example) and its citizens are beginning to show pride in their country’s achievements. After the Gorbachev- and Yeltsin-sanctioned asset raiding that occurred post Soviet Union collapse, they still have a long way to go, but at least they’re on that path, which is no bad thing for any country.

I think Donald Trump wants a bit of that, which is why he kicked sand on China’s shoes. There was no reason for the trade war, so the only conclusion I can draw is that he wanted it because he wants to increase the USA’s self-sufficiency. I’m sure his advisors told him that the United States is starting from a higher baseline than Russia, so if they self-inflict sanctions (which is essentially what this trade war is) it should take relatively less time for them to achieve greatness. Again. Of course, Trump is also doing a lot of Other Stuff, but this particular move is the one that interests me most.

And that, dear reader, finally brings me to the midterm elections. What’s so nice about my prognostications is that, basically, I can’t definitively be proven right or wrong. 🙂 But I will say this. I believe a Democrat victory will lead to a faster disintegration of the United States Empire than a Republican one. I say this, not because of actions in the Middle East or the pulling out of a nuclear weapons treaty or even the sabre-rattling at Iran. All politics is domestic, and it’s on the domestic front that I see the cracks widening; it’s only the rate that’s debatable.

I think a Democrat win will doom the United States more quickly because it will change the landscape of education and discourse. It will embolden people whose only skill is virtue-signalling, and it will blinker all in such a way that more divisiveness will be, not an aberration but, a natural progression of what the Democrats now seem to stand for, which is shrill self-righteousness and an amazing and truly impressive blindness to reality. Good people, people with their hearts in the right places and compassion in their souls, are being exploited to bring about a hellish vision of societal and economic destruction. The Republicans aren’t very interested in this demographic, but the Democrats are, and the Democrats will and are using such people to further a vision so short-sighted that I believe it can destroy the country in a handful of years.

And the fault, of course, will lie with Russia. If there’s a takeaway from all this, I think it could be: beware hiring an influential and desperate female freelancer with a big mouth.

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