The Dog Ate My Experiment!

Publisher: Challis Tower Books / Length: tba / ISBN: tba / Cover Artwork: Challis Tower Books
RELEASE DATE: November/December 2016

Homeschooling teenagers and beyond: Surviving and thriving in a brave new world

Written especially for the burgeoning homeschooling population outside the United States, KS Augustin presents the options for that most difficult segment of the teenage homeschooling population: pre-University teenagers. What options are available? Where to go to for information? How to keep your sanity? All these questions are answered and strategies outlined. This is a must-have handbook for any parent serious about their child’s education in a world of declining standards.

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It’s 10am, Why Am I Still Sober?

Publisher: Sandal Press / Length: 31,000 words / ISBN: 978-0-9871445-3-9 / (Amazon) ASIN: B0065EQ85Q / Cover Artwork: Sandal Press
RELEASE DATE: November 2011

People, food, alcohol and politics…is there anything else in life?

Join author Kaz Augustin as she opines (loudly) on three booze-soaked weeks spent in southern Poland and eastern Czech Republic. From Silesia to Kraków to the spunky little Moravian capital of Brno, this short book covers tourist traps, socialising, a few restaurants and lots of alcohol!

“Wawel reduces the rich history of Poland to a street-corner transaction.”
“…my opinion of pilsener is that it roughly tastes the same going in as it does coming out…”
“This is mushroom-hunting, Silesian style…[i]f the mushrooms want to be found, they have to whistle.”

READER ADVISORY: This book is pro-swearing, pro-alcohol and anti-religious. Not to be purchased if you are Polish, German, Czech, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, USian, a parent, a child, Christian, Hindu or…oh hell, anybody who has anything to do with Western civilisation in general or south-east Asia in particular.

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