Homeschool Journal

Publisher: Challis Tower Books / ISBN: 978-0-6481290-2-8 /
RELEASE DATE: September 2017 / Format: Hardcover

A journal for homeschooled teenagers

This journal can be used as an accompaniment to the book, The Dog Ate My Experiment! It collects all relevant information for one year of a secondary homeschooled student’s academic progress. The journal is organised in six sections:

  • General information
  • Monthly breakdowns and timetables
  • Weekly breakdowns and monthly reflections
  • Reference and resources
  • Preparing for tertiary study
  • Scrapbook

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The Dog Ate My Experiment!

Publisher: Challis Tower Books / Length: tba / ISBN: 978-0-6481290-0-4
RELEASE DATE: November/December 2016

Homeschooling teenagers and beyond: Surviving and thriving in a brave new world

Written especially for the burgeoning homeschooling population outside the United States, KS Augustin presents the options for that most difficult segment of the teenage homeschooling population: pre-University teenagers. What options are available? Where to go to for information? How to keep your sanity? All these questions are answered and strategies outlined. This is a must-have handbook for any parent serious about their child’s education in a world of declining standards.

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